Ant McPartlin celebrates six months sober

5 months ago

It’s been a hell of a year for Ant McPartlin, and as we all know, he checked himself into rehab earlier this year following his drink driving charge.

Here comes the good news though. After announcing the he’ll be taking the year off to concentrate on his health, the TV star has been spotted out and about and is looking better than ever.

One of Ant’s best friends, publicist Simon Hargreaves, went to social media recently and shared a post praising his friend on his sobriety alongside a selfie of them smiling into the camera.

Simon wrote: “Long overdue catch up with my buddy of 20+ years for lunch this week.: Adding: “6 months sober, annoyingly healthy looking, and happier than I’ve seen him in years.”

Simon rounded it off with: “Immensely proud of this lad for his strength and determination to face up to his issues and get help.”

Ant then retweeted his friends post to his 6.71 million followers, adding: “Thanks pal. Really appreciate it. Lovely seeing you too. It really was long overdue. #weloveagoodlunch Hope you’re using your Jcrew tote bag!”

Ant walked away from TV in August after he was banned from driving for 20 months and being fined £86,000 following his crash.

Holly Willoughby will be replacing him on this year’s I’m A Celebrity, and the This Morning host admitted it will be ‘weird’ for Dec with her talking over.

That being said, Holly said of Ant: “He’s happy that I’m looking after it until he gets back. It does help that we all know each other. I think I’m A Celeb will be more weird for Dec than for me. He’s only ever worked with Ant.”


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