Are Ant and Dec planning a reunion?

4 months ago

Could it be true? Are Ant and Dec set to start working together again?

Since Ant’s drink driving arrest earlier this year, the duo have not been seen very much as a pair, but that may all be about to change following news that they were both spotted arriving at their management’s building together.

Dec was spotted heading into the offices looking rather casual with a backpack and sunglasses, while Ant was spotted in in his chauffeur driven Range Rover. So, the question is, are there plans for a reunion on the cards? Speculation is that with I’m A Celebrity about to air in November, maybe Ant is planning on showing up on the show sometime?

For now, I’m a Celeb will be hosted by Dec and Holly Willoughby and Ant has stated that he will not be working for the near future.

As of now, Ant looks happy and healthy as he continues his relationship with Anne-Marie. The couple were seen on a theatre date with Ant’s mum recently, he was marking six months of sobriety.

Recently Ant’s close friend Simon Hargreaves took to Twitter to celebrate Ant being six months clean. He wrote: “Long overdue catch up with my buddy of 20+ years for lunch this week,” adding: “6 months sober, annoyingly healthy looking, and happier than I’ve seen him in years. ‘Immensely proud of this lad for his strength and determination to face up to his issues and get help. @antanddec.”


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