Do you love your country? Then treat its future frivolously and bet on the outcome of the Brexit debacle!

After May’s Brexit Deal suffered its second defeat last night in the Commons, it’s anyone’s guess how the next few weeks will play out. Will the UK leave the EU? Or will Article 50 get extended, giving MP’s more time to come up with a viable plan? If you think you know then place a bet on Brexit and earn big bucks with our competitive odds!

A Second Referendum in 2019 – Odds: Yes – 6/1 | No – 2/1

May’s Brexit Deal was turned down by a majority of 149. This is a crushing defeat for the Prime Minister and makes a second referendum on the EU even more likely.

We’re offering odds of 6/1 that another referendum will happen in 2019.

A Second Referendum will Choose to Remain in EU – Odds: Yes – 5/1

And if you want to go a step further, we’re giving odds of 5/1 that if another referendum happens the public will choose to remain in the EU.

Second No Confidence Vote in 2019 – Odds: Yes – 1/4 | No – 5/2

With May’s credibility in tatters after her second defeat, her enemies are no doubt plotting ways to oust her. Will the another No Confidence Vote be tabled against her in 2019?

MPs to Choose a No Deal Brexit – Odds: Yes – 7/1 | No – 1/5

Tonight MPs will vote on whether or not a No Deal Brexit is an option. Will they vote yes, or no? It’s anyone’s guess and you have the opportunity to earn cash either way!

Article 50 to be Officially Extended – Odds: Yes 1/5 | No – 3/1

In the event that a No Deal Brexit is turned down, MPs will vote on whether or not to extend the Article 50 deadline beyond the 30th March. If this happens, do you think they will vote for or against the extension?

Fragile States Index – Top of the List – Odds on the UK: 90/1

Will Brexit send the UK economy into a nose dive, fragmenting the state and causing untold chaos and destruction that lands the UK at the top of the fragile (failed) states index? Given the blatant incompetence of our elected leaders this bet doesn’t seem so outlandish and with odds of 90/1 its worth shot!


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