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1 month ago

Here at the Fame Game we give you the chance to earn real cash betting on politics in the UK. We’re adding new bets all the time. Check out this weeks Brexit themed offers:

Another BREXIT Referendum will take place in 2019

After May’s Brexit Deal was crushed in the House of Commons, it is now more likely than ever that another Brexit referendum will take place. Yet we are still offering generous odds:

Yes = 6/1
No = 2/1

Will May’s Government Survive the No-Confidence vote?

Another consequence of May’s Brexit deal being turned down is the no-confidence motion being brought against the Tory government by Labour. If May loses the vote there could be another general election. But will she lose? If you think you know then Bet Now!

No = 2/1

Theresa May to Resign by the End of January 2019

With all the political chaos surrounding Theresa May and her failed Brexit Deal will she be able hold on to her position as PM? Or will she crumble under the pressure and have a breakdown? Or will her party finally oust her if she loses the no-confidence vote? She’s proven to be a resilient politician but will January be the end of the line for May?

Yes = 8/1

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