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1 week ago | Tony Fennell


Alas, Dwayne Johnson Won’t be Running for President in 2020

He hinted that he may run for the US President spot in 2020. Yes, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson actually had us thinking he would take on Trump, and we liked it. At the time Johnson said, “Of course, I would consider [running]. I’m very patriotic about our country, and I care deeply about it… So […]

May and Trump, Will She or Won’t She (Shake His Hand)?

Ouch! We all saw the rather tense and unfortunate run-in Theresa May had with Donald Trump at the recent NATO showdown, but perhaps the biggest talking point was the fact that she appeared to dodge the US President’s handshake. In a classic dis, as the American President leaned in for the greeting and a handshake, but […]

8 months ago | Tony Fennell

Putin and President Trump Set to Meet in Helsinki

The White House has announced that  Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump will be meeting in Helsinki, Finland on July 16, 2018. The two super-powers will certainly be discussing relations between the two countries and a broad range of national security issues. This will be the first real face to face fir the […]