Chris Hemsworth Looking Good on the Men In Black Set

8 months ago

Were used to seeing him with his hammer, smashing his way through bad people and bad things, but that’s over for Chris Hemsworth, for now anyway.

The hunky actor has exchanged the hammer for black sunglasses, shirt and tie as he’s started shooting the newly re-booted Men In Black in London.

Hemsworth is the lead on the new version of the film, which by the way is now 21 years old. The previous incarnation had Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones playing the leads back in 1997.

As of yet the new Men in Black movie has no title and is set to hit the screens next year. Gary Grey is directing and the script was handled by Lowell Cunningham and Matt Holloway.

You can see why the powers that be decided to re-boot the movie, the original was made for $90 million and raked in a colossal $600 million worldwide. All of it sequels made serious money, and on an interesting note, originally, the movie bosses had Chris O’Donnell and movie legend Clint Eastwood as their leads and not Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

So will the new Men in Black take the box office top stop when it’s released? Only time will tell, but we think it’s a pretty good bet.



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