Could ‘True Love or True Lies’ Rival Love Island? 

8 months ago

Is it really possible for another show to rival Love Island?  Well, MTV’s brand new show True Love or True Lies might just well be in the running.

They also have a secret weapon, Danny Dyer narrates it, and that can’t hurt for sure.

True Lies is the shows name, and is hosted by Maya Jama. From the get go, the show has developed a solid following with fans hoping they can get their Love Island fix elsewhere.

Even though the show might not be based on the same premise of love and romance, there are couples but, five out of six couples have to pretend to be in a real relationship in a bid to swindle the others, and we have to admit, it’s great TV.

One other big difference, and perhaps a big selling point is the fact that the show also represents the LGBTQ+ community, with gay, lesbian and transgender contestants.

Fans have spoken by tuning in, and a one fans wrote on Twitter that they. “Love the fact they’ve got all walks of life on this.” Another added that the series was “refreshing.: Adding: “Huge shout to @MTVUK for showing a diverse range of couples,” they wrote. “It is refreshing as it is mainly heterosexual relationships on other dating shows on TV.”

Will it be as big as Love Island? Only time will tell.


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