Dani Dyer reveals plans for a Dyer family reality show

5 months ago

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, Dani Dyer has said that she might well be getting her very own reality show with her family, and, we won’t have to wait too long to see it it as it could potentially hit our screens next year!

The Love Island winner told the Capital FM about plans for the series during an appearance on the breakfast Show, and by the sounds of it, this could very well happen.

Dani said: “There’s been talks about it, but we’re gonna see,” adding: “You know, it’s one of them things that’s just like once you commit, you commit.”

Of course, one of the big questions raised was, would the show include the whole Dyer clan, and obviously we mean dad Danny as well?  Dani quickly confirmed: “Yeah, as a family.”

It also appeared that Dani may have given too much away about the show: “Oh god,” she said: “I’m giving out some spoilers!”

She also hinted that the format of the show would be based around a show like The Osbournes, which followed Ozzy in his everydayfamily life with wife Sharon and children Kelly and Jack.

Capital’s host Roman Kemp then pushed Dani on the subject saying: “So that’s something that, let’s not say too much, could happen?”

We also learned that Dad and her boyfriend Jack had hit it off. Dani said: “They get on so well, it’s just easy to leave them,’ the actress admitted. ‘Go and have fun together.”

What this space for any updates.


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