Danny Dyer Returns to Reality TV

8 months ago

Is Danny Dyer following in his daughter’s footsteps? Not quite, but there’s a theme starting to appear when it comes to love-themed reality shows.

Danny will be acting as a voiceover for new MTV show True Love Or True Lies? That will be hosted by Maya Jama. The premise of the show is that the aforementioned pair will be talking viewers through this new reality show – where couples have to guess who around them are the really a couple and dating, and who’s totally faking their relationship.

Much like Love Island, the show will be held in a villa. Dyer and Jama explained via their MTV page that they will be kicking out couples from the villa on a daily basis as competitors fight for the prize.

Contestants will spend their time in a luxury villa in Italy, and will be playing detective as they try to figure out the truth about their new housemates.

Once a week, the winners will be crowned The Perfect Couple, and bank £50k in prize money. They could even win more if they root out a fake couple in the days leading up to the finale.

True Love Or True Lies? Starts on MTV on August 6th, @ 9pm on MTV.


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