Danny Dyer Worries About Dani When She Returns to Reality

7 months ago

Now that her time is almost up on Love Island, Danny Dyer has spoken out about how his little girl Dani’s life will change and how she will adjust on the outside world.

He has shown concern that Jack will get ‘caught up in the whirlwind’ of being on the outside. He told The Mirror: ‘When he comes out he’s from South East London and he’s going to be the nation’s sweetheart and so his mates are going to want a bit of that.’

Adding: ‘He’ll get caught up in the whirlwind of it. And of course they have got the added pressure of being in a public relationship which is again really difficult, really difficult. ‘Everywhere they go they are going to be followed around, especially for the first couple of months.’ He then issued a stark warning to Jack about his future with Dani, letting him know that because of the show, he has eyes and ears everywhere. ‘When he is out with his mates, I’m not saying at all if he would ever cheat, but there will be pictures of him…’

Dani and Jack will find out tonight if they have been crowned the champions, and will be taking home the £50k prize money. The pair have been inseparable for the past two months, to the point where they have even made plans to get a place and spend Christmas together.

Last night, via a video-link appearance, Danny and wife Jo Mas appeared on the show to cheer on their daughter for doing so well in the public eye.

Talking of Jack, Danny talked to him saying: ‘Listen, I approve of you mate. I think you’re absolutely bang on. I weren’t at first, I thought “Oh here we go.”’

So, here we go folks, your last instalment of Love Island starts tonight at 9pm on ITV2. Enjoy…..

Pic: PA/ITV/Rex Features


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