Danny Dyer’s not quite ready for his daughter’s reality show

4 months ago

When it comes to Dani Dyer’s new family reality show, it appears that one member of the family isn’t too keen on putting his everyday life on show, and that certain person would be Danny Dyer.

Following his daughters triumph on Love Island this year with love interest Jack Fincham, Danni has been offered her own family reality show, but it appears that her very famous dad isn’t ready to join her and the rest of their family for their own series.

Dani revealed: “So yeah, I wanted to put the record straight on this one.

“Jack and me are filming something for ITVBe at the moment, while we’re being followed around by cameras.

“I can’t tell you much more than that for now but hopefully the people who followed and supported us on Love Island will enjoy it.

“My family aren’t involved – so there aint no big Kardashian type show coming up with the Dyers, sorry to disappoint.

“Don’t think my dad’s ready for that yet!”

It has been a whirlwind of success for Dani following her stint on Love Island, and apparently things are going from good to better in the bedroom as well. Jack was asked if his personal performance had improved since the two moved in together, Jack replied: “Of course it has, I’m working on it.

“It’s more and more every week. I’ve told her I’m a natural.”

When asked about any awkwardness with Danny Dyer following the saucy revelation from his daughter.

Jack replied: “No, not at all.” Adding: “I don’t really get awkward. I’ve never had an awkward silence in my life.

“It’s no different to any other family. We get on really well and we have a laugh.”


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