David Walliams Tells of the Time he Blew it on Britain’s Got Talent 

9 months ago

David Walliams’ antics on Britain’s Got Talent make the show pretty much compulsive viewing, but Walliams has admitted recently that ‘he doesn’t always get away with being so outrageous.’

We all remember the moment he stripped down to his pants, he got away with that, but he told Graham Norton recently that he did get into trouble on the show, and the reason? his comment about fellow judges Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden.

Walliams, being his usual outrageous self, jokingly hinted that Simon had once slept with Amanda. Simon took offence and told Walliams that he had  “crossed the line,” and you could tell that Amanda wasn’t exactly thrilled with the comment either.

David explained: “I did get told off a little bit this year, because I sort of alluded to the fact that Amanda was Simon’s favourite because they’d had a relationship in the past,” adding: “They hadn’t,” he hastened to add. “They’d just had a date. I think they’d had a date or something, and he always talks about the fact that she thought it was a work date and he tried to woo her or something.

“And actually, afterwards, I did feel bad about it.”

He also explained that his decision to crack the joke came in a split second, and looking back now, it was probably not one of his best decisions.

The comedian said: “It was funny at the time,” adding: “You’ve got about half a second to decide whether this is going to be funny or not, and you haven’t got time to think about the consequences, which is why comedians always get into trouble.

“I felt a bit bad, because I felt like… I didn’t want to upset her. You don’t want to upset people, do you? You want to be a bit outrageous, but not at the cost of people’s feelings.”


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