We’re about to head into week 3 of the Great British Bake Off and the pack are starting to slim down with regards to potential winners.

So, what have we learned about this year’s series? Well, the country has fallen in love with Ruby, and Manon Legreve has been accused of cheating after she left plastic wrapping on her cake to present it to judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith. Oh, and lets not overlook Noel Fielding suddenly appearing on screen dressed as Marie Antoinette. You’ve gotta love Noel, no shame whatsoever.



So, who’s looking good for this year’s Star Baker title? In reality, it’s anyone’s game, but during the next few weeks the list of contestants will be thinned down leaving the chosen few.

We’ve got our own theory as to who will win this year’s series, and below, we’re giving you our current odds on the remaining contestants, but, how about you, do you know your GBBO? Show us what you’ve got by picking a winner out of this lot…

Kim-Joy 11/1. Originally from Belgium, now based in Leeds, she works as a mental health specialist, and has an English father and Malaysian-Chinese mother. This eclectic mix is apparently reflected in her baking.



Jon 11/1. Jon is a blood courier by day, is also a father of four from Newport in Wales. He bakes after work and has said that he’ll be experimenting with different techniques in the Bake Off tent.



Antony 9/1. He grew up in India and is a Banker. He says that he learned to bake in India with his father. Now living in London, he describes himself as a “Bollywood baker”.



Ruby 7/1. Ruby is a project manager and grew up in an Indian family that lives in London. She loves to create sweet treats like cakes and pastries for her family and friends. She’s quickly become a fan favorite although we aren’t so sure she can go the distance. 



Rahul 4/1. Rahul is a research scientist and is 30-years-old. He was born in India and moved to the UK to begin a university scholarship seven years ago. His style of baking, East-meets-West. Right now our GBBO odds have got him as one of the favorites.



Karen 4/1. She one of the older contestants at 60-years-old. She currently works as an in-store sampling assistant and got the baking bug while living in France. The Yorkshire-based baker credits her daughters for encouraging her to apply to be on the show.



Manon 5/1. She is of French heritage, and is a full time software project manager. who hopes to bring her flavour to the show from her worldwide traveling. Bake Off was apparently one of the first shows she watched when she moved to the UK full time.



Terry 20/1, is 56 and from the West Midlands. He’s a retired air steward and says he’ll be bringing in products from his own microbrewery and allotment to the competition.



Briony 10/1. She is a full-time parent hailing from Bristol. Interestingly, the 33-year-old says she has picked up all of her techniques from YouTube tutorials. 



Dan 8/1, is 36, and lives in London. He is a full-time parent and explains that taking part in the show will give him some time to himself after looking after his children for the last six years. 



GBBO will air at 8pm every week on Channel 4.


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