Gary Barlow recons Ayda Field save Robbie Williams’ life

5 months ago

It hasn’t always been plain sailing when it comes to Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams’ relationship.

The two stars spent a total of five years on the road together when they were part of the band Take That, and by all accounts the pair cut all ties and fell out when Robbie decided to quit the band in 1996.

As with most things in life, time has a way of healing and Gary has now come out heaping praise on his ex-bandmate as a judge on the XFactor.

Gary said today on the Lorraine show: “I’m surprised he’s waited so long [to be a judge] to be honest,” adding: “Rob’s great telly, he just is. He’s great to sit in a room with, he’s just Rob. He’s the centre of the room wherever he goes.”

Gary had a role on the X Factor himself when he replaced Simon Cowell as a judge on the show 2011 and 2013.

He opened up a little more about Robbie and explained that he thought the Robbie’s wife and fellow X Factor star Ayda Field, “saved his life.”

“I think it’s a genius idea taking Ayda with him,’ adding: “I know what Rob’s like, he doesn’t really like new environments and I really think Ayda…

I remember the first time I met her, I remember coming home to the hotel and phoning everyone up and saying, “Rob’s going to be alright, I’ve just met his fiancée, she’s going to look after him, she’s going to save his life.”

Gary also also touched on his so-called rivalry with Robbie.

He teased: “We’d both say it’s not a rivalry, but you know it is. I’m completely fine as long as I sell one more copy of my new album… I mean, no, honestly we’re probably in the best place we’ve ever been. We talk a lot. We email a lot. I think those days are over, I really do.”


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