George Clooney Rushed to Hospital After Crash

9 months ago

Reports have it that actor George Clooney has been hurt in an accident in Sardinia. TGR Rai Sardegna has alleged that Clooney‘s bike had collided with a car and he had smashed into the windscreen of the vehicle. By all accounts the actor was not seriously injured, but he was rushed to hospital.

The actor has been living in Sardinia for the summer in order to work on the series Catch 22, and the accident was said to have happened while he was on route to his film set when the car was said to have ‘suddenly turned’ and hit him.

It is said that his wife Amal, joined the actor in the hospital but wasn’t present at the scene of the accident. Clooney was said to have suffered bruises and injured his pelvis, but his injuries are not thought to be life threatening.


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