Guess Who Fancies the Job of Top Gear’s New Host?

9 months ago

It looks like it’s all change once again at Top Gear, so, with Matt LeBlanc quitting following the next series the question is, who will take over?

Were pretty certain that his co-hosts Rory Reid and Chris Harris will be staying, in fact the BBC have confirmed that they: “have great plans to welcome a new co-host to join the team for 2019 and beyond”.

So, who will it be? Well, we have some insight for you. One presenter has made it crystal clear that he’s very keen on the job. James Martin.

Martin, who hosted Saturday Kitchen on the BBC until 2016, sat down with the Daily Star, and said that he would love to be in the driving seat for Top Gear – and we love this, he has even placed a bet on himself getting picked.

Martin said: “I went past Paddy Power the other day and I’m six to one on,” he said. “I’ve got to put a bet on myself, to be honest. In fact, I may have even put £100 on myself.” Adding: “But I’ve got no idea about whether I’ll get it. Top Gear is an iconic show and I’m a car fanatic. I’ve got several more strings to my bow than I had two years ago when it was last talked about.”

So what do you think, would you place a bet on James Martin becoming the next host of Top Gear? It would be rude not too.

Top Gear will be back for its 26th series on BBC Two later this year.


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