Harry Potter Style ‘Butterbeer’ Ice Cream Now Available

8 months ago

Well today is the 4th of July. The day when Americans celebrate, well, all that is American to be honest.

Well here is another reason to breakout the party balloons, flags and confetti. Universal Studios Hollywood has just released its Harry Potter themed Ice cream inspired by the books wonderful tasting Butterbeer drink.

This isn’t just a one off to tease all you Potter fans around the world, nope, this will be all year-round at the California theme park, and will come as an addition to its traditional frozen and hot Butterbeer beverages.

The crafty folks over at Universal Studios Hollywood have one upped the Universal Studios Orlando crew (they only have soft serve) by coming up with this hard-packed version of the ice cream treat and is totally exclusive to the Hollywood theme park.

Hollywood visitors can indulge in a scoop of the shortbread and butterscotch-tasting treat at Three Broomsticks or, if your walking around you can grab one from one of the carts located throughout the Hogsmeade attraction.



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