Honey G spotted working at an estate agent’s

4 months ago

It’s a long way from the dizzy heights of the X Factor. One of its biggest stars over the last few years, Honey G, is now working full time as an estate agent. This comes only two years after she shot to fame and struck a music deal with Simon Cowell.

Honey G, real name Anna Georgette Gilford, signed a deal with music mogul Cowell after breaking out as a star on the reality show in 2016. That apparently was then, and this is now. The Sunrevealed that she is now working as a sales negotiator at Chancellors Estate Agents following her singles flopping on the UK charts.

She was snapped at the Chancellors Estate Agents’ offices in St John’s Wood, and to be honest, it was hard to recognize her.

After she was dropped from Syco in April last year, she formed her own label called H to the O Music. This has obviously fallen flat and she has moved on. An insider said that her new workmates didn’t recognise her at first and were shocked, but after realising who she was they joked that she should perform at their Christmas party.

Anna has since said that she took the job as an estate agent to get “structure” back into her life and that her music is going “really well” – juggling the new job with her performances including a meet-and-greet.

Adding: “I decided to go out and get a job because I wanted the structure in my life, my music is still going really well.

“I was really pleased to get the job because before X Factor I really wanted to get into an estate agency, but I couldn’t get a break.

“I think it has helped me, I think all of the achievements on X Factor has helped me to get this break with Chancellors being one of the top leading companies.

“It’s different to recruitment, I prefer doing this because I can fit my gigs in on the weekends and the evenings.

“It’s not really about the money to me, it’s to have something to do during the days. “It can be quite unsociable, sometimes I don’t get on stage until 2 or 3am, it liberates me a little bit more in my life.

“Chancellors know, they are fine with me doing my music career in my spare time and were good to me saying that if I ever have any gigs and need to book a day off that is fine.

“I haven’t offered to do their Christmas party. The person who interviewed me knew who I was, I put all of my X Factor achievements on my CV.

“My music dream is not by no means out of the picture. I don’t want people to get the wrong idea that I’ve decided to go out and get a job because I don’t want to do music anymore and it’s not like that at all.

“I’m still running my label, still trying to make it a success, I’m hoping the collab I’ve got coming up is going to help me sort of push it forwards.

“Obviously I’d really like to start getting some chart success which is what I really need to take my music career to the next stage.”

Prior to her journey on the X Factor she had been running her own recruitment company, ARG Search Limited, and only started training for her new role at the estate agents three weeks ago.

So what’s next for Honey G? Well, she explained that she is planning on releasing new music in the new year, that will include a “high profile” collaboration.


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