Idris Elba Fuel’s new 007 Speculation

7 months ago

The rumours are swirling around like scrap paper on a windy day, who will be the next Bond? 

One of the big name if the running for a while now is Idris Elba. The man himself has been having fun with the whole as of late, and he even gave a cryptic update on social media after another week of renewed speculation about him becoming the next James Bond.

He Tweeted: ‘My name’s Elba, Idris Elba.’  This came after a week of rumours and speculation following a report that Bond producer Barbara Broccoli told director Antoine Fuqua “it is time” for a non-white actor to star as 007.

When I come’s to the next Bond, Elba has been in the running for a few years now, and it was interesting to see how quickly the the topic of Elba becoming 007 picked up steam. It’s also fair to say that the Bond production team has stayed very quiet about the ‘new Bond’ subject, and if they’re talking the could be an element of truth to this story.

Daniel Craig’s involvement in the franchise is set to be over after the next movie, and when Elba was asked earlier this year about the possibility of taking over the roll, he said that he had never been approached for the part. He did admit that Bond was a “pinnacle role” but explained that the speculation had become a “farce” which he was now “numb” to. Well that change over the weekend for sure.

Hey, even though a few hours after his original Tweet he then Tweeted, ‘Don’t believe the HYPE…,’ we can’t help but think there is real substance to this story.

So, what do you think? Is Idris Elba in line to be the next James Bond?

Go on, have a flutter……


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