I’m A Celebrity offers Kate Garraway £150,000 to join the show

6 months ago

On Good Morning Britain today Jeremy Kyle urged his co-star Kate Garraway to go for it and sign up to be a contestant on I’m A Celebrity. This comes after The Sun On Sundayrevealed that she had been approached by ITV bosses to be on the show.

Kyle sat waving a copy of the Sun saying that 51-year-old Kate could easily become the next queen of the jungle. And let’s face it, if the reports are correct, the offer of £150,000 as an appearance fee certainly doesn’t hurt.

Kate on the other hand was rather tight lipped about the subject, and almost blushed when Jeremy made his statement. Jeremy wasn’t the only person to urge Kate on. Guest Jack Maynard, who also did a stint on I’m A Celebrity, also showed his support for Kate shouting: “Go for it!” When told by Weatherman Alex Beresford that she should do it she replied: “My hair would look awful in the jungle!” She’s got a point!!

A source for I’m A Celebritysaid: “Kate has been approached by show producers because they know she would be TV gold.” Adding: “She has been a massive ratings hit on Good Morning Britain, thanks in part to her chemistry with co-hosts Piers Morgan and Ben Shepherd, and there’s no doubt she’ll transfer that appeal to Australia with her celebrity camp mates.

The source also said that: “Kate has always been relatable and game for a challenge but since entering her fifties she’s embracing all aspects of life and sees the Aussie jungle as the ultimate life test.

“She’s in great shape at the minute too so wouldn’t have any qualms about stripping off in a bikini.

“And would be flying the flag for the more mature lady.”

We say, go on Kate, give it a go……


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