Is Love Island not coming back to ITV2?

7 months ago

Only one week has passed since Love Island has been off our screens and let’s face it, were dying for more. Well, when it does come back, it might have a new home.

Hang on, now don’t freak out. The reason being, the show has been such a huge success that the show has actually caused ‘tensions’ to ‘run high’ between the bosses of ITV and ITV2

ITV are keen to take Love Island because of the shows massive viewing figures.

You can’t blame ITV for trying.3.6 million viewers tuned into the shows final episode this year. When you compare that to last years, 2.6 million, it’s no surprise ITV want a bit of the action.

As of yet nothing has been confirmed and ITV executive Kevin Lygo played down the very same rumours last year. He explained that the two channels have very different viewers. He used Coronation Street and Loose Women versus Love Island and Celebrity Juice as an example. Kevin also remarked that ‘old people would die’ if the sexy show moved to ITV1.

Whatever channel the show comes back on, you can be sure Love Island will be around for a while to come.

The show is in its fourth year and since it’s reboot in 2015 it has grown and grown in popularity. ITV2 boss Angela Jain said: “It is a show that will evolve and live and breathe,’ she revealed. ‘My hope is that it is going to be on telly for the next five years. So who knows where it will go.”


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