Oh boy, he’s at it again. A still very married, Jermaine Pennant was caught headed into a hotel with Chloe Ayling at 4:50am following the Celebrity Big Brother wrap party.

The pair were caught by one of the Sun Online’s photographers in a taxi together, and then both checking into a hotel in the North of London.

Jermaine, 35, is still married to model Alice Goodwin, and was spotted looking totally at ease with 21-year-old Chloe in the back of the cab as they pulled up to their hold up for the night. Chloe tried to hide her face with a baseball cap but it was easy to see the both were very at ease with each other. This comes after Chloe had only said hours before that she never wanted to see him again. Mmmm..

During the shows actual final, the pair were sat apart, and it looked as if the pair barley spoke during the whole show. At one point on the after show, Bit On The Side, Chloe slammed Jermaine for playing off their flirty relationship as “just banter”.

Rylan Clark Neal asked her if the two would be seeing each other again after the show, Chloe’s answer: “No.”

During their time at the house, the pair got very touchy feely and because of this Jermain’s marriage to Alice hangs in the balance. Once evicted from the house Jermaine has some serious groveling to do and confessed to Alice that he had over-stepped the mark with his flirting.

It had seemed that the pair had got their marriage back on track after lengthy crisis talks but after this latest incident we can’t help but think it’s just a matter of time before Alice pulls the plug.


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