Katie Price gets stopped by the police again

5 months ago

Here we go again. Pictures have emerged of Katie Price having yet another run in with the law after she “refused to get out of her car” after being pulled over by the police today. Keep in mind that this comes just weeks after she was arrested for drink-driving.

It has been reported that Miss Price was stopped by police on the grounds that she was still technically disqualified from driving. Witnesses to the the event say that Katie was “distraught” for being stopped, and that she refused to get out of the car.

She reportedly argued with the police that had stopped her, and even said to the officers that they needed to check their records, as her licence had been reinstated following her ban.

It appears that after all was said and done, Katie was allowed to drive off once the police had verified the fact she was indeed, not banned from being behind the wheel.

This is yet another round of trouble for the ex-glamour model, she spent the night in jail only a few weeks ago following an arrest for suspicion od drink-driving after crashing her pink Range Rover.

Once released she headed straight to a residential rehab centre, and then walked out just 24 hours later but is still being treated at The Priory as an outpatient.

With bankruptcy and trouble with her ex’s, it just a matter of time before she hits the headlines again. The question isn’t if but when?


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