Love Island’s New Bombshell Fancies Dr Alex

8 months ago

There’s about to be a big shake up at the Love Island Villa, and it looks like Dr Alex’s lack of interest in the love match department may be a thing of the past.

A new bombshell is heading to the villa and by all accounts, she’s going to seriously shake things up.

So, who is it? The next temptation to hit the island will be 27-year-old make-up artist Alexandra Cane. Alexandra already has a name for herself and is kind of Insta-famous because of her connection to model and DJ Demi Rose.

Alexandra told the powers that be at Love Island: “I was Demi Rose’s make-up artist,” and that “We met a few years ago and I was her make-up artist for two years.

“I’ve got a large Instagram following from working with her. As a make-up artist, I have worked in the industry for a while. I’ve worked with music artists and I’ve dated a few.”

So what does she think of the talent on offer at the villa? Alexandra told the Love Island team that, Josh Denzel is her type “looks-wise”, but she’s also kept a keen eye on Dr Alex George since that series started.

Alexandra explained: “I feel like Dr Alex could be a good match for me,” adding: “I feel like we’d have some really in-depth conversations, I’m knowledgeable, he is knowledgeable. Hopefully I can bring out his personality a bit. I’d like to get to know him.”

So what will it take to get Alexandra’s attention? She said that Dr Alex – or any guy, really – will need to be “be a real gentleman” and “have character”.

“I love somebody with a personality otherwise I feel like I’m carrying the relationship,” she warned.

Alexandra will get some serious airtime when Love Island continues at 9.30pm on ITV2 tonight.



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