May and Trump, Will She or Won’t She (Shake His Hand)?

7 months ago

Ouch! We all saw the rather tense and unfortunate run-in Theresa May had with Donald Trump at the recent NATO showdown, but perhaps the biggest talking point was the fact that she appeared to dodge the US President’s handshake.

In a classic dis, as the American President leaned in for the greeting and a handshake, but the PM swerved his gesture and introduced him to her new Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt instead. Boom.

The encounter came at the beginning of the two-day meeting in Brussels, where Mr Trump tore into his Nato allies for not throwing in enough cash for their military defenses.

It doesn’t take an expert to see that both the PM and Mr Trump have been putting in some serious effort to look like a united front at the summit – even smiling happily and posing for photos together.

But under the surface, you can see these two leaders have a rather awkward relationship to say the least.

The two leaders’ relations are already tense following the US Presidents swipe at the political ‘turmoil’ rocking Britain.

As well as the swipe at the present government in the UK, Trump also heaped a ton of praise on his ‘friend’ Boris Johnson. Johnson resigned as Foreign Secretary on Monday over Brexit, and plunged Mrs May’s Government into crisis.

Ok, so the question is, will Theresa May shake Donald Trump’s hand when they meet tomorrow? If the last few meetings are anything to go by, we’d say it could go either way.



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