Megan and Wes to Become Couple #3

8 months ago

It looks like Love Island has found its third couple. Just weeks from the final, it looks as if our boy Wes is about to ask Megan Barton to be his girlfriend.

These pair have been going to and fro in the Love Island villa though out this series. Wes dumped Laura for Megan, and then Megan chucked him for Alex, and Megan chucked Alex for Wes, well, you know the deal by now.  That being said, the pair have finally admitted to each other that it’s a go.

Megan said: ‘You know I like you, it’s just hard for me to express how I feel,’ she said. ‘I act like I’m not bothered about things but I am. ‘With you it’s different and I’ve never had this. I want to find someone I can leave with and have a future with, it’s just really hard saying it.’

Megan also reached out for some advice from her girls Dani and Ellie. She said: ‘I’m thinking of asking Wes to be my boyfriend… Do you think it’s too much? I don’t want to scare him off,’ she said panicking: ‘I’ve kissed a lot of frogs and I feel like now with Wes, I want him to know how serious I am about him. I couldn’t picture myself with anyone else. I want to spend the next three weeks with him. It’s scary though. You know when women propose to guys and you think “how have they got the balls to do that?”‘

While all this was going on, Wes reached out to his boys saying the exact same things. He told Josh and Jack: ‘I want to do it tonight.’ But will he? Also tonight, new Jack confronts Idris after the new islander told Laura that he definitely went in to kiss Laura, which thanks to Caroline Flack, we know that’s not true.

The next instalment of Love Island is tonight at 9.30pm on ITV.



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