Well, who was expecting that? Last night’s Great British Bake Off had the ultimate twist, no one left the show.

Even worse for fans was the massive editing blunder which happened before the ending of this week’s episode, ruining the result for viewers.

Fans of the show went to Twitter in their masses after spotting the terrible editing blunder during the middle of the showstoppers. As Rahul backed off from the judges table, the action then switched to the bakers celebrating.

This obviously ruined the surprise that Dan had won the Star Baker title for Dessert Week.

Here’s a selection of some of the Twitter tirades that hit social media following the end of the show.

One fan spouted: “Did we just see an editing error?? Editor gave a ending shot showing briony exiting just after Rahul leaving the judges!! Did anyone else see???”

Another was having none of it during the show, saying: “So we already know who’s star baker this week #Spoilers #GBBO no editing done this week”

And another wrote: “I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed the editing gaff as Rahul backed off”

The editing blunder came as Noel Fielding revealed to the bakers that none of them would be leaving. The problem is that eagle eyed viewers had already spotted the shot of the bakers celebrating just minutes before.

Before the show even kicked off it was announced that one of the makers was missing for Dessert Week, and because of this Noel gave the hint that two bakers would very well go home next week when Terry returns. Terry was missing as he needed the week off to recover from illness.

The Great British Bake returns to our screens Tuesdays on Channel 4 at 8pm


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