Robbie Williams is in hot water with Ayda and X Factor fans

4 months ago

In any business it can be difficult working with your spouse, but working on a talent show where you might well be looking at some very attractive contestants, all while your wife is sitting next you you, can be downright dangerous.

Robbie Williams saw the negative side of working with his wife on Sunday night’s X Factor, why? Well, he got caught eying up a stunning busty Greek singer, and Ayda wasn’t too impressed.

Both Robbie and main man Simon Cowell, were caught showing their admiration for Athena Manoukian, and even put her through to the next round without even saying she was a good singer.

During Athena’s performance Robbie had a smile on his face pretty much the whole time, and that smile didn’t go unnoticed by his missus Ayda. In fact, she gave him serious daggers as soon as Athena left the stage.

Ayda knows all about Robbie’s past, and his eye for the woman, she even had a dig at him whilst she was on Loose Women last year.

Robbie also came in for some serious flak over his insensitive comments to a transgender contestant. He asked the contestant their birth name, which upset some fans, branding Robbie “shameful” and “disrespectful”.

Since the episode, the singer in question, Felix Shepherd, has come to Robbie’s defense, tweeting: “Robbie meant no harm by it, honestly, I took no offence.”


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