Let the drama begin. This year’s Celebrity Big Brother hasn’t even kicked off yet and certain guests have already threatened to leave the show before day one.

Word has it that Ryan Thomas threatened to walk away from the show when he learned that that his girlfriend Lucy Mecklenburgh’sformer beau Dan Osborne will also be entering the famous house when the show begins at the end of the month.

It seems that Ryan was telling the shows production team that the idea of him and Dan in the same house was a no go, and that one of them would have to pull out. Money changes everything though, and Ryan’s six-figure sum did the trick.

A source told The Sun that ‘He was playing hardball and saying it was either Dan or him, but Celebrity Big Brother bosses stood firm and he eventually backed down.’ Adding: ‘Ryan hates the fact he’ll have to share such a small space with someone from Lucy’s past.

’It’s awkward and has been a rough start to his experience. It’ll be interesting to see now how they both react once they meet inside the house.’

You can’t help but think this series will be nothing but firework, and lots and lots of lovely drama.

Celebrity Big Brother hits our screens on Thursday 16th August at 9pm on Channel 5.


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