Well the results are finally in. Ryan Thomas has been named the winner of this year’s Celebrity Big Brother.

As he exited the house, huge cheers greeted the ex-Corrie star, and Ryan said to Emma Willis: “I’ve been acting all cool like I’m not bothered… but it’s got the better of us, and now I am here I am completely overwhelmed.”

Ryan also joked that he had point to prove to both of his younger brothers as they came in third place when they starred in other reality shows.

Ryan told Emma that he was unsure why he was voted the winner, saying: “It’s hard to judge a reason for me being here now.” Adding: “We’re all winners,” talking about his fellow finalists.

This was a crazy season of CBB. From the very beginning of the series it was filled with controversy, but the big story here was Roxanne Pallett leaving the show after accusing Ryan of physically assaulting her. Roxanne stated that Ryan had punched her leaving her in pain. This completely backfired on the ex- Emmerdale when the truth came out, as in reality Ryan Ryan was only playfully sparring with her.

Roxanne told her other housemates that she had been hit by Ryan, as as you can imagine, the house was left divided as to who to believe while Ryan vehemently defended himself saying he was playing around.

Big Brother eventually told Dan Osborne that the show would have had Ryan removed from the house if he had seriously done anything violent to Roxy, and as we now know, Ryan was vindicated.

As far as the other house mates, Gabby Allen came in sixth, Sally Morgan fifth, Nick Leeson came out of the house in fourth, Dan Osborne third, and American actress Kirstie Alley was the shows runner-up.


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