Shane Richie gets dropped by his Record Label

6 months ago

Oh boy, the music business is a fickle one and Shane Richie has just found just how fickle after he has been axed by his record label. To make matters worse, so has his boyband son.

Richie signed with Warner’s East West Records, but after his big comeback album A Country Soulonly made a dent in the charts, peaking at No 42 last November, East West decided to drop the EastEnders actor.

In a double blow, his son, Jake Roche, saw his band Rixton dropped by US label Interscope. The band’s debut album called Let The Road was released in 2015 and barely made a mark both here and in the US charts.

Rixton pretty much dried up on the music scene and have not recorded music since December 2016 hence their label saying bye bye to the band.

That being said, they have some pretty big musician friends and have been championed in the US by heavyweight manager Scooter Braun, he also handles Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. Braun got the band on the Ariana tour in 2015 and has apparently got the band a new deal.

When it comes to Shane’s musical career, a source from the music industry said: “He wanted to try to follow in the footsteps of Bradley Walsh, who had chart success in 2016. But it didn’t work and now he’s focusing on acting again.”

Good luck to you Shane, we wish you the best.


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