Simon Cowell Insists He’s Not Really “Mr Nasty”

9 months ago

His persona on TV is the moody judge with no compassion. Let’s face it Simon Cowell was never afraid of being the hatchet man on The X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent.

But have we got Mr Cowell all wrong? Well, in an interview with The Daily Mirror, he insists that in real life that’s not who he is, and that his “Mr Nasty” persona was made up by American Idol producers.

Cowell told the paper: “I was not grumpy the whole time,” he said. “They just decided, the producers, it would be funnier to make me look miserable and it was sort of an accident.”

He also stated that he in fact, hated the process of filming the show and found it “so miserable”. He also revealed that he was never even paid for his first year on American TV, and that he thought the show would be cancelled within a couple of years.

Talking of American Idol, He said: “I just couldn’t bear it at the end,” he added. “It wasn’t fun. Sometimes with success, it becomes a happy place, sometimes success becomes the opposite.” Adding: “I always promised myself that once I got that Sunday evening feeling or the Monday morning feeling of, ‘God, I’ve got to go to work today’, it was time to stop – and I got that.”

Cowell and The X Factor will return to our screens later this year.


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