Simon Cowell looks to sign British schoolgirl to record deal

5 months ago

Simon Cowell has his eye on a brand new protégé. After seeing America’s Got Talent finalist Courtney Hadwin in action he now wants to sign her to his Syco record label.

Courtney wowed the fans with her outstanding version of Otis Redding’s Hard To Handle, she also managed to impress the judgers so much she got a golden buzzer after being called ‘lion’ by the shows judges.

She may have missed the top prize in the show, coming in sixth, but that hasn’t deterred Simon at all. An insider has said that: “Simon has already met with Courtney and her father since the final last week and Syco are still very keen on working with her going forward. ‘They think that she has a really bright future.”

It was clear to see that Simon was impressed with the young lady, even saying that if she didn’t win the competition he would sign her to his label. Cowell said: “Every time you perform, you inspire people. You are more than a great singer, you are a trendsetter.”

Even though she was tipped for the top spot in the show, coming in sixth didn’t upset Courtney, she said: “I’m just happy and proud for what I’ve done, and for coming in the Top 10 of America’s Got Talent.”

During the show Courtney took on some pretty complex songs that included classics from by Tina Turner and Janis Joplin, the reason being, she feels she is more drawn to their style of music because she ‘feels it more’.

The future looks bright for Courtney Hadwin. Watch this space.


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