It’s that time of year again, Strictly is back! So, the question that everyone wants to know is who’s going to win strictly come dancing 2018? Or perhaps who’s going to succumb to the strictly curse, but that’s a whole different article. Now, let’s get to know the contestants.


Ashley Roberts 4/1

Ashley is obviously one of the favourites having been a pussycat doll, to be honest it actually seems a little unfair that she’s even in it. Despite the fact that she says the two dancing styles a very different she has a clear-cut advantage.

Vick Hope 8/1

Vick Hope hosts the capital FM breakfast show, maybe she doesn’t have the dancing chops of Ashley, but we reckon she’s going to be a pretty solid contender, especially compared to some of the next up.

Danny John-Jules AKA “the cat” 8/1

Ok, maybe we’ve been a little harsh on Danny, he’s mostly known for his role on cult classic Red Dwarf. But, all we’ve seen of him dance wise is the occasional Michael Jackson esque pivot whilst screaming “oooooooow” in the earlier seasons of Red Dwarf. Will he be able to say “that’s mine” and claim the title.


Graeme Swann 19/1

Sportsmen (and women) typically translate quite well, due to their athleticism and fitness. That said, cricketers not quite so well, we all remember Tuffers.

Seann Walsh 40/1

Ok, if Seann win’s this we’ll be amazed, it’s just not going to happen is it. The comedian has “bob hope and no hope”, but who knows maybe he’s got a decade of ballroom dance training under his belt that nobody knows about.

Charles Venn 14/1

We don’t think the Eastenders actor is going to have too easy of a time, but seems like he’s at least in decent shape so expect a middle series exit.

Katie Piper 14/1

Another middle of the pack contender we reckon Katie’s going to do OK, but probably not win. That said she’s no stranger to overcoming adversity, so perhaps she can pull off a shock.

Stacey Dooley 7/1

Stacey Dooley is known for presenting BBC documentaries, not a skill that translates all that well to dancing, so why such good odds? We reckon she’s going to do really well with the public and that can carry you a long way.


Susannah Constantine 40/1

Famous as part of the Trinnie and Susannah pair, we don’t really rate her chances and we don’t think she does either stating that she’s “starting from a very low bar”.

Lee Ryan 16/1

Next on the strictly come dancing odds list is Lee Ryan, you’d think the former boyband member may have a few moves, but we’d probably say he’s more likely to come close to winning rather than actually doing it.

Kate Silverton 25/1

Kate’s a journalist with no dance experience as far we know, we’re expecting an early exit from strictly for Kat.

Dr Ranj Singh 20/1

We don’t expect the doctor to do terribly, we just don’t expect him to do all too well either. He seems more excited by the sequins than the dancing stating “bring on the glitter” and that he “loves sparkles” in a recent interview about his appearance in strictly come dancing.

Lauren Steadman 18/1

Lauren Steadman is expected to come somewhere in the middle, the Paralympian is a double world champion in the paratriathlon so she’s got the fitness for this that’s for sure.

Joe Sugg 14/1

Joe should be interesting, and certainly shows a change in what we count as a celebrity, the youtube star has a big following so it’s probably going to be more interesting to see how this effects the SCD viewing numbers than anything.


Fay Tozer 14/1

Ok, in Steps Fay will have learned a thing or two about dancing, but this really isn’t the same level of dance led pop act as the pussycat dolls, we don’t expect her to do badly and she’s definitely got a bit more practice from years of theatre, but we reckon she’ll be another middle ground contender.

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