They have proved their worth by surviving every challenge The Great British Bake Off has thrown at its finalist’s, this includes, vegan meringues to spherical pancakes, but in a serious twist for the show, the finalists are going where contestants of the show have never gone before – outside.

Tomorrow’s final (Tuesday Oct 30th) the last three remaining bakers will make history on the show and leave the tent to cook for the first time ever on open fires.

The three bakers, Ruby Bhogal, Rahul Mandal and Kim-Joy Hewlett will cast away their usual kitchen equipment and also have to face seriously hot temperatures. So hot that the show had to provide the final three with parasols during the episode as it was filmed during the heatwave earlier this year.

The outdoor challenge comes in the technical round, when bakers have to attempt a surprise recipe and have had no chance to practice beforehand.

As for the other two challenges, they have to make donuts for the signature bake and then a ‘spectacular landscape-themed creation’ for the final showstopper task, also, these challenges happen back inside the tent

The outdoor bake is also said to be “deceptively simple” and kept a secret till tomorrows show airs.

We can’t wait to see how tomorrows show goes down, can you?


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