So, week three of the Great British Bake off has come and gone. The Ten bakers had the task of making bread for the judges in the bake off tent, the question is, who impressed Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, and who was the Star Baker?

Task one, the Signature Bake – The first challenge for this week was the good old Chelsea Bun. Some of the highlights of this challenge were Manon’s heart-shaped, and very fruity buns. She also claimed it’s really hard to find nice bread in London. Mmmm.

Karen’s bun’s were unashamedly bright, and she made no apologies for that. Jon’s were apparently too hard but delicious. Ruby forgot to put sugar in her dough, and Rahul’s was saying sorry for his bun’s before they even took a bite.

The Technical Challenge saw the contestants knocking up garlic naans. The twist was that they were made on a grill instead of an oven. Terry took first place while K-J came in last.

Wrapping the show up was the challenge to create a TIERED KOROVAI. This is an eastern European party treat, and Dan and Ruby proved more than up to the task.

So, who said goodbye?

When was said and done Prue and Paul decided that it was Antony’stime to say bye bye.

Who claimed the third Star Baker title?

This week it was Rahul’s attention to detail that impressed Prue and Paul and was rightfully handed the coveted title.


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