The Nike Air Mags from Back To The Future II Sells for £70K

8 months ago

In an era when a good pair of trainers will cost you insane amounts of cash, check this out.

The original Nike Air Mags that were worn by Michael J Fox in the movie Back To The Future II in 1989 have sold for almost £100,000 (£70,143). Oh, and did we mention that that was only the left shoe. Heaven knows what the right one will now go for.

The iconic shoe was front and center in the scene where Doc and Marty arrive in the future, 2015, and Doc hands Marty the trainers in a bid to get him looking hip by wearing futuristic clothes. This way he can fit in and pass as his son to stop his real son going to prison. Phew…..

The shoe was owned by a Nike employee, and was part of his personal collection, and was in such a fragile state that it had to be purchased by someone living in Portland, Oregon as it was much too delicate to travel.

So where did all the money go? All the money raised went towards a wonderful cause, Michael J Fox’s foundation for Parkinson’s research

So, someone out there now owns one of the original shoes, but did you know that replicas of the shoe were made in 2011! 1,500 pairs were created for fans of the show, and each of the pairs sold for serious cash.

Since then, Nike and The Michael J Fox Foundation. Have created a further 89 pairs, and as you can imagine, fans are hoping it’s only a matter of time until they can get their hands on those as well.


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