The results are in and we’re all set for the X Factor final

4 months ago

Last night in a dramatic turnaround, the X Factors Acacia and Aaliyah finally got the boot from the shows semi-final last night, missing out to Anthony Russell, Scarlett Lee and Dalton Harris for a chance to win it all during next week’s final.

Acacia and Aaliyah were Robbie Williams’ last remaining group and by the looks of it, he took their exit better than a lot of the girls’ fans. Twitter took the brunt with one fan saying: “Beyond devastated about Acacia & Aaliyah. They are what the X Factor is meant to be finding-raw, talented young stars of the future. Please Rob as their mentor, make sure that’s not the last we see of these amazing girls and that they stay singing together as they’re incredible.”

The other side of the coin had Anthony Russell dropping to the floor in shock after making the show’s final along with Scarlett Lee and Dalton Harris. Scarlett in fact, burst into tears upon finding out she’d finals and was hugged by her mentor Simon Cowell as she took it all in.

Via Twitter, the fans started to voice their own opinion about the results: “The correct decision! Scarlett is way too good to miss out on the final,” said one.

Another said: “I’m so proud of Louis and the lads! Like the two of them are in the final!!”

One fans said of this year’s show: “In my opinion this is probably the greatest final 3 since 2010. So excited for the final.”

So, here we are folks. The question is now, who will win the lot???

The X Factor final hits our screens next Saturday at 8pm on ITV. 


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