The Strictly Come Dancing couple’s curse strikes again

4 months ago

The notorious curse of people splitting up has struck Strictly Come Dancing again, this time it’s Dianne Buswell and apparently she’s split up with her boyfriend.

Dianne has closed the book with her Emmerdale actor boyfriend Anthony Quinlan after he grew suspicious about her closeness to her on-screen dance partner Joe Sugg.

An insider said:“Everyone on set’s been discussing how close they’d become. It did not go unnoticed by Anthony.”

This isn’t the first time the couple have cooled things off. They took a break earlier this year after struggling with being in a long distance relationship, and decided to end things after 10 months of dating.

An insider at the show said: “They are quite a fiery pair and have been clashing a bit more than often lately.

“A couple of weeks ago they just decided enough was enough and ended things. It was only a few days after the Katya and Seann pictures emerged.

“There’s not bad blood between them but it looks like a reconciliation is off the cards this time. Last time they split she was really upset but this time around she doesn’t seem that bothered.

“He’s up north and she’s down south and things just weren’t working any more so they’ve knocked it on the head despite being quite serious.

“She’s having a lot of fun with the show at the moment and is enjoying spending time with her dance partner Joe.”

Will there be more drama in the Strictly camp? Only time will tell.


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