United Vibe frustrated as the leave the X Factor

5 months ago

The X Factor’s boy band United Vibe have aired their frustration after the show gave viewers only ‘14 minutes to vote’ when the show had sound issues during Saturday’s transmission of the pre-recorded show forced them to adapt the format.

So, what happened? The band explained: “There were only 14 minutes to vote and not a lot of young people watch it on a Sunday and vote within 14 minutes,” adding: “It involves watching it [live]. I may watch it in the morning and vote then, so I think the votes messed us up but it was also fair, so what can you do?”

Following the result the band were eliminated after the show on Sunday as well as singer Molly Scott. The band explained that they were: “definitely not’ prepared for the news. ‘It’s the weirdest feeling, you can’t describe how you feel, it hasn’t hit us, but it’s overwhelming,” adding: “We all knew there’s always the possibility but this week it hit us harder.”

From the very beginning, the band, who were put together by Robbie Williams, were regularly criticised by the other judges for their lackluster performances, and they now have admitted that the weekly judgement was ‘tough’ to hear.

The band was also told to change their name from Vibe 5 to United Vibe. They explained: “It was really tough getting harsh comments from the judges,” adding: “Every time we got knocked down and had to build ourselves up throughout the week and then get knocked down again, so it’s been tough and we’ve been through one hell of a ride.”

The X Factor will be back on our screens next Saturday night on ITV @ 8.30pm.


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