Vick Hope and Shirley Ballas risk a run in at celebrity event

3 months ago

Wow, who’d have thought that this series of Strictly Come Dancing would be so controversial, with the judges, the professional dancers and celebrities all hitting the headlines.

Radio DJ Vick Hope’s elimination from the show was met with suggestions that the result had been fixed. He also pointed a finger at one judge in particular, claiming that head judge Shirley Ballas ‘relished’ in critiquing her.

Capital FM, Roman Kemp, spoke on air with Vick and said about the show: “I didn’t see it live last night…  my mum called me saying “why does Shirley Ballas hate Vick Hope?”’ Responding Vick said: “I wish I knew,” adding: “I’ve not really been spoken to like that. She relished in it.”

So, following her exit and her slam of Shirley Ballas, Vick risked running in to Ballas when they both turned up to the same celebrity event. The pair attended the Specsavers Spectacle Wearer of the Year 2018 bash last night.

Vick made sure fans knew that there was no bad blood between herself and her professional dance partner Graziano Di Prima. She reached out via Instagram saying that she’d met up with Graziano for a spot of lunch before the event.

Graziano defended Shirley against Vick’s claims that the fix was in saying: “I don’t really agree with [her comments],”

“Shirley is an amazing teacher and a professional teacher before. So if she said that it’s because it’s true.”

With plenty of weeks to go, we’re wondering how many juicy pieces of gossip we can bring you from the show in the future? We’re thinking lots and lots, how about you?


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