X Factor 2017 Contestant Returns with New Look and New Hope

7 months ago

X Factor contestants come and go, but once in a while one make a really big impression. One of those contestants has returned this year and has wowed the judges with, believe it or not, a dramatic make-under.

That contestant was Scarlett Lee. She was eliminated during the six chair challenge by Sharon Osbourne during last year’s series, but she auditioned again on Friday last week (July 27) and sported a totally new look.

It appears that the the 20-year-old singer had toned down her rather orange make-up, and had styled her hair into a beehive style. By all accounts though, she still had the same powerful voice.

The Sun reported that the singer had even reduced audience members to tears during her performance last week at Wembley Arena.

Scarlett has yet to conform that she made it through to the next round yet, but did thank a fan who reached out to her via her Twitter account, saying: “You don’t understand how much this means to me, thank you so so much! Sorry I was such a crying mess.”

The singer also posted on social media:”I’m not confirming anything I’m not giving anything away! My dream is my dream and I’m going to do whatever it takes to achieve it.”

When Scarlett was originally on the show last year, she faced a lot of criticism from viewers due to her over the top make-up and rather deep tan.

She told The Sun at the time that it was the cameras that gave her her orange appearance.

She said: “I never had tan on. I am genuinely dark, but the cameras made me look so much darker than what I actually was,” adding: “I went and bought make-up and foundation for the TV and it just went horribly wrong. It made me look even darker.”


Did she make it through to the next round? We’ll just have to wait and see….


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